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          Transparent tape storage and maintenance

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          Transparent tape storage and maintenance

          Release date:2016-08-04 The author: Click on:

          1, tape should be deposited into the Treasury, to avoid the sun, rain; prohibited with acid and alkali oil organic solvent contact, keep clean and dry, from the discovery device 1m outside the room temperature between -15 ℃ ~ 40 ℃.

          Scotch tape

                2, the tape should be placed in volume, not folded, storage time should be repeated for a long time once. Stationery tape

                3, loading and unloading conveyor belt is best to use the crane, and with a rigging rope with a smooth lifting, to avoid damage with the edge, not arrogant loading and unloading, causing loose roll sets.

                4, not to different varieties, different specifications models, strength, cloth number of tape connection (with group) together to use.


                5, the type of tape, specifications should be based on the use of specific conditions and reasonable selection.

                6, the conveyor belt is best to use hot vulcanized adhesive, in order to improve reliability, maintain a high effective strength.

                7, conveyor conveyor roller diameter and conveyor belt with the minimum diameter should be consistent with the relevant provisions.

                8, do not make the tape snake or creep, to keep the roll, vertical roller flexibility, tension to moderate.

                9, the conveyor is equipped with baffle and install a clean device, should avoid wear on the tape.

                10, cleanliness is the basic conditions for good operation of the tape, foreign matter will affect the belt eccentric, tension differences, and even broken.

                11, the use of tape found early damage phenomenon, it should promptly find the reasons, repair, to avoid the emergence of adverse consequences.

                The above is Xiaobian introduced to you the transparent tape storage and maintenance, transparent tape is our daily life, the most commonly used daily necessities, of course, he is also essential in various industries, Kunshan City Sheng Industry Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in packaging tape, packing tape, wrapping film, packaging materials, the United States and paper tape, packing belt, Zhenzhu Mian, bubble film, Chan Raomo, adhesive tape, tape volumes and other packaging materials, with complete and scientific quality management system.

                Kunshan City Sheng Industry Packaging Materials Co., Ltd. integrity, strength and quality of products recognized by the industry. Welcome to buy, will give you the most sincere service!

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          Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

          Contact person: Mr. Li

          Telephone: 18616678980

          Export manager: 18962691776

          Sales manager:18068053703

          Web: www.ksypack.cn

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