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          Stretch Film

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          Stretch Film

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          Stretch film

          Material:  100% Virgin LLDPE (PP film)

          Paper Core (Inner Dia mm): 76 (3" ) or 50 (2")

          Features: Low niose, good self-adhesive, excellent durable, extra strength in both, protection from water ingress, dirty and abrasion direction. Environmentally and Friendly.  non-toxic

          width: 300mm,350mm,450mm,500mm, 600mm etc

          Thickness: 15mic ~ 40mic

          Length: 100m~500m.

          Color: Transparent, black.


          Generally applied to electron, paper making, architectural material, electric wire and cable, automobile accessories, to hold boxes on a pallet, facility for convey, load and unload, as well as transport. Available for both machine and hand application.

          Package: 1 Roll/Ctn, 4 Rolls/Ctn, 6 Rolls /Ctn, or Customized

          Production Process of PE Stretch Film:

          Raw material: LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene), tackifier  → heating →   squeezing →  curtain coating   →   cooling   → end products

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          Kunshan Shengye Packing Material Co., Ltd

          Contact person: Mr. Li

          Telephone: 18616678980

          Export manager: 18962691776

          Sales manager:18068053703

          Web: www.ksypack.cn

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